Download 57 808 presets for Serum.

Serum 808 Presets

Once again, and by request., From our talented producers,… We bring you hard hitting 808 style kick drum and bass presets to use with Serum. Which is one of your favorite software synthesizers. These 808 presets, for Serum will bring your sub par productions to a new level instantly!!
This preset library contains 57 808 style kick drum presets, that were skillfully crafted to enhance everything in between hip hop and trap music productions. But be careful with your volume levels….

Serum is a very popular software synthesizer for many reasons. And our sound design team at synthfinity will continue to bring you many usable presets from our collection, now, and of course in the future.

If you are interested in purchasing Serum, a constantky evolving synthesizer, visit their website at
and purchase Serum today. also has a rent to own policy at Serum and Splice..

Version: 1.0.0


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