Ableton Live Wavetable 808 Presets

Ableton Live Wavetable 808 Presets Looking for Ableton Live Wavetable 808 Presets.? Then look no more..
Due to numerous requests, we have created over 80 hard hitting 808 Presets for Ableton Live’s Wavetable synthesizer.
Ultimately, the Ableton wavetable synthesizer is fully capable of producing deep bass and kick drum sounds. In fact, it has become quite popular amongst music producers worldwide. For this reason, we have spent hours perfecting and crafting these 808 presets.
Therefore, if you produce music with Ableton Live 10, then you should download these Ableton Wavetable 808 Presets without delay. And indeed start your next track off with a distinctive sub bass foundation that it needs.
Furthermore, these 808 presets are perfect for Hip Hop, Trap Music, or obviously any genre that requires hard hitting 808 style kick drums.


Listen to the Ableton Wavetable 808 Presets demos below.


Ableton Wavetable 808 Presets Demo 1
Ableton Live Wavetable 808 Presets Demo 2
Ableton Live Wavetable 808 Presets Demo 3


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Version: 1.0.0


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    1. Ableton Live Wavetable doesn’t seem to be compatible with my version of Ableton Live 11 Standard when I try to insert it on at track I receive a message that it’s not available in this version of Live .
      I’m sure you can help in resolving this issue

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