Access Virus TI2 808 Presets

Access Virus TI2 808 presets
Do you own the Virus TI2 or Snow synthesizer? Are you looking for 808 style drum presets? Then look no further. At the present time, there are not many 808 preset bundles available for this synthesizer. Because of this fact, we hand crafted these 808 presets to fit any style of music. Nevertheless, these presets are perfect for any genre of music that needs deep and punchy 808 style kick drums. Download over 60 Access Virus TI2 808 presets to fatten up your tracks. These 808 presets will take your productions to the next level.

Listen to the demonstration below to hear these 808 presets.

Access Virus TI2 808 Demo 1


CLICK HERE for More info on the Virus TI2 synthesizer

Version: 1.0.0


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