Massive 808 Presets Volume 2

NIMassive 808 presets
Once again we are bringing you 50 more hard hitting 808 style presets for NI Massive.
Native Instruments Massive is one of Native Instruments most popular software synthesizers. And therefore, it is capable of producing deep bass tones, and these 808 presets definitely take full advantage. Many different flavors of 808s are included, from pitch shifted, distorted, bitcrushed and more. Which means these 808 presets are perfect for Trap music, and Hip-hop. Or pretty much any style of music that needs deep and punchy sub bass.

Download these NI Massive 808 presets and take your productions to the next level.

Caution: These 808 presets are punchy and hit hard.

Listen to the NIMassive 808 presets demo below.


NIMassive 808 Presets Vol 2 Demo 1
NIMassive 808 Presets Vol 2 Demo 2
NIMassive 808 Presets Vol 2 Demo 3

Download NI Massive at Native Instruments site

Synthfinity offers various 808 samples and 808 synth presets, download them here.

Version: 1.0.0


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